Slow Blues

A Strat into the Cream-Tone into a Twin Reverb

Musictoyz - Cream-Tone

Musictoyz Cream-Tone demo

Brian Kahanek - Deliverance

Spot the Cream-Tone on the floor about half way thru the video.

Andrea with the Cream-Tone

An earlier lighter colored version with three LEDs.

Creamy 73 Strat

1973 Strat into the Cream-Tone and Musicman 112.

Creamy ES175

Gibson ES175 into the Cream-Tone and Musicman 112.

Classic Overdrive

Classic Overdrive

A Tele into a Classic OD and Super Reverb.

E-flat Test - Classic OD

Les Paul Deluxe 1977 into a Classic OD and 1967 Super Reverb.

Custom Overdrive

Country Rock

A Tele into the Custom Overdrive into a Super Reverb

Two Chord Jam

A Strat into the Custom Overdrive into a Super Reverb

Groove Diggers - Angels

Grant using the Custom Overdrive for Angels.

Paul Pescos Rig

Paul Pesco playing thru the Custom OD on the Hall and Oates 2010

SG into Custom OD

Gibson SG into the Custom Overdrive.

Tele Twanging

Telecaster into the Custom Overdrive.

Custom Les Paul

Les Paul Custom into the Custom Overdrive

Andrea with the Custom OD

An earlier purple version with three LEDs and the raised logo.

Morpheus Distortion

Morpheus Distortion

A Les Paul into the Morpheus into a Super Reverb.

Andrea with the Morpheus

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