About G2D

Dave Grant
G2D Limited
Massey 0614
New Zealand
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The History of G2D

1984 Customised Marshall and Boogie amplifiers from one channel, to two and three channel amps, to suit the 80's style. From that came our first pedal the "Thunder Chief Pedal" a single channel tone enchancing overdrive.
1992 An era when the guitar style changed from the "Brown Sound" to the "Texas Tone". As a result of this, we created the "Thunder Chief Amplifier". A three channel amplifier, which went from "Texas" to "L.A." in one stomp. This 60 watt fire breather proved to be too expensive to manufacture commercially.
2000 We wanted to package the legendary tone of the "Thunder Chief Amplifier" in a smaller more cost effective product which would benefit all guitarists. Hence the creation of the G2D "Standard" overdrive which features both Blues and Rock tones.
2002 The G2D "Cream-Tone" is designed for the vintage look and tone, which will suit vintage nuts down to the ground. This pedal has got real soul, but will not mess with the tone of your guitar, even when run at MAX settings.
2002 Developed for the retro 60's and 70's british sound the "Classic" is ideal for driving the front end of an amp harder, or use it with other pedals to give you a wider range of sounds and styles.
2003 You asked for it... so we made it... The G2D "Morpheus" is designed to go hard. The Sensi-Gate is unique to G2D, as it's responce times make it ideal for percussive tight riffs. This pedal is definately not for the faint hearted !!!.