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Dave and Grant

We are keen to hear what you think about G2D guitar pedals.
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Classic Overdrive

Ian Moss - Australia

At G2D we are honoured that Australia's famous rock and blues guitarist is currently using a G2D pedal on his 2001 / 2002 tour. Ian Moss is well known for being the guitarist for Cold Chisel and also for his successful solo career. We were blown away that he was using the G2D pedal for a large part of his NZ show. When it comes to tone Ian certainly knows his stuff. He has since relayed to us that he is enjoying his new pedal.


Got the Cream Tone Unit and I have to say this thing sounds fantastic. Plugged my 69' strat into it and into my blackface Vibrolux set totally clean, started playing, died and went to tone heaven! But seriously I can't say enough about this pedal. You can turn the drive control all the way up and get everything you need right from the volume knob on your guitar. From clean to rich burnished blues tone, you get it all.
Regards, Chris Otto

Just want to let you know that I have purchased a Cream Tone (#764) and I'm absolutely, totally, stunned at how great it sounds. This pedal is so much better than any other overdrive pedal I've ever tried that it's hard to believe. And, since I've been playing for 35 years, that's saying something. I'm a blues guitarist (or at least an aspiring one) and the Cream Tone nails the tone I've had in my head for many, many years. Of course, I've been able to achieve that tone by turning a variety of classic blues amplifiers up to the "sweet spot", but to be able to achieve *that* tone at even a very low volume, as I can with the Cream Tone, is something I've dreamed of for a long time. I thank you with all my heart for making such an amazing pedal and I wish I'd gotten one a long time ago.
Sincerely, Bill Boggio

"Well guys, I dont know how you did it, but somehow you have put together what is unquestionably one of the best guitar effects pedals available on the planet. I picked up the Cream-Tone from the Rock Shop yesterday and played it for three hours straight at a full band practice jam straight away. Right out of the box it did everything that a blues/distortion pedal is meant to do, and a hell of a lot more, the guys couldn't believe I wasn't playing through a tube amp, the old Roland Jazz Chorus has never sounded so good. This would honestly be the first pedal I have ever bought sight unseen, I got it purely on reviews from the USA and two very strong recommendations from locals.

I've been playing for just a tad over 40 years now and have honestly tried every pedal of every description that is available, pedal boards with analoque pedals, digital high tech, home made kits, modded pedals, and anything else avaiable, but from the second I played this thing, I knew I had found the missing link, this is the tone to die for. Every other pedal always seemed to have a synthetic almost raspy edge to it, had tone knobs which did nothing, destroyed sustain or gobbled up bass, the Cream Tone has none of these nasty glitches, just sweet tone, huge sensitivity to picking attack, and great sustain when you crank it. Even with the drive knob at the lowest setting I was in tone heaven, the boost was an added bonus, a rare feature not found on many other pedals, let me jump straight out of the mix without straining or altering my sound at all. Our band took on a whole new sound last nite thanks to this one pedal.

Years of effort trying to hunt down the tone master has ended !! These days I keep things pretty basic, getting too old and blind to read fancy digital readouts or 100 page manuals, just Strat or Tele, a touch of delay and chorus and the Roland amp, this pedal will certainly be a part of my board, I cannot thank you enough, huge corporations have tried to get this sound and obviously failed, I dont know how you guys did it, but I'm glad you did, this pedal is going to be an all time classic."

Many, many thanks Bryan Pavis

Custom Overdrive

"Good pedal guys.... screams! (amazing harmonic power!)
My '59 Gibson LP Special and the G2D are a pair made in heaven...
P90's drive it perfectly! Anyway, I swear by it so will be pleased to assist."
Regards Grant

"Then I plugged it in........... "WOW!!!! Where's the tube?" I exclaimed.
So many things I tried in the ensuing 30mins to try & foil this thing....
but... I couldn't!! I WAS SHOCKED!!! I WAS AMAZED!!!! I TOOK IT!!!!!..............
OK... I know... what a nutter... maybe so... but I do know great tone....
AND IT'S HERE!!! No more Tube Screamers....just the G2D, a Wah & my Boogie DC-10 & I'm happy.....
There, that's the raving review... seriously guys I'm impressed."
Regards Regan Bell

"I enjoyed the "pedal shoot-out" at Mainline on Saturday.
Consequently, I have the G2D at home on appro.
For me, I am very comfortable I like it over the Hughes and Kettner Tubeman,
Mesa Bottle Rocket, any of the sounds on the Digitech GNX1 or Korg AG1000X :).
Not only do I like it more than the rest, but it satisfies most of my needs.
And it's a nice size and look."
Regards Rob Hallows

"You guys freaking rock!.
The blue channel is sweet and sings, not to mention having a wickedly creamy backdown on the sustain. The red channel is just phenomenal as a solo channel. And I can't believe how pure and silent the thing is. I'm priveleged to own one of these puppys !!!!!"
Regards Si Moore

"The G2D, that little purple thing on my pedalboard, just takes my breath away..... uuuuffffff....
I can`t f*"%in believe it...., it is just the best OD/Dist pedal I`ve ever heard; nothing, but nothing at all is able to reach that sound..... I A/B it with my Fulldrive2, Klone, Sparkle Drive, Tech21, Sobbat, TS808, FD Distortion Pro..... but nothing sounds like that little purple thing.... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My "guitar friends", they just could not believe it, everybody was asking "how the hell are you able to make your dual showman sound like that??" and by the way, my old Fender, that amp sounds awesome clean, but overdriven, until last week, just like crap, with every pedal I tried..... and then.... I got my birthday gift from New Zealand..... that amp souds now, like a Dual Rectifier !!!!!! no jive, I am not kidding at all, believe me !!!!!!!"
Regards Patrick - Switzerland

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